Plus Size Shopping

Just how do you dress to flatter your shape? Certainly not by covering your self up in big and baggy clothing! Ditch black all over and experiment with all the great colours and patterns that are available here. Just by following a few basic rules, you can look the best you can be without the help (and cost!) of a personal stylist.
Were do you start?
First things first, underwear. Wearing a properly fitted bra will do wonders to give you a waist, if you lift your boobs up there will be a waist there somewhere! Plus us bigger girls should flaunt our best bits, no one will be looking at your tummy if your boobs are properly supported and on show...tastefully of course!
Shapewear. Whatever your problem area,it can be flattened, smoothed or hitched up with the right product. Have you tried Spanx? This is the brand Hollywood celebs rely on for hidden support! Or you could try Trinny and Susannah's Magic Knickers, there is a good chance you could drop a dress size... yes please!
Next tip? Measure yourself and buy the right size. For years I wore stretchy clothes because I didn't want to admit I was getting bigger.Wrong. Well fitted clothes whatever size the label says will make you look slimmer.

Measuring Guide
Bust: measure around the fullest part of your bust and across your shoulder blades.
Waist: measure around the natural waist, keeping the tape measure taut.
Hips: stand with your feet together. Put the tape around the fullest part of your bottom at the top of your leg, about 20cm (8'') below your natural waistline.
And the beauty of home shopping? Trying on at home. No more struggling into clothes only to find they don't fit and your too embarrassed to ask for the larger size. Order two sizes and try on in your own bedroom, try with the right underwear, different shoes, add jewellry, much more pleasant than having to ask for help when your stuck in a top thats too tight!

Style tips to flatter every shape
Pear Shape
Blouses and jackets should be either long or short, avoiding the hip.
Enhance your upper body with semi-fitted or tailored tops.
Cowl necks and square necklines help broaden the shoulder area
Trousers should be made of flowing fabrics and drape loosely around the hips.
Apple Shape
Avoid fitted tops which will accentuate a larger middle
Look for wide-legged trousers that will create a more even look between your upper and lower halves.
Longer tunics will help hide a generous middle and, draw attention down to those lovely legs.
Straight Shape
Dresses that are looser in the mid-section are a great option. Try a sheath dress or smock type style.
Try V necklines which are slenderizing and elongate the neck.
Try straight long tailored skirts paired with a longer tunic top or bootcut jeans with a longer top.
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