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Today there are more gorgeous styles in plus sizes than there ever has been, there is more choice in trend, more choice in fabric, more ways to wear great looks in combination (I never thought ~ I'd wear trousers with a dress!, now it's a staple !).

And of course there are special offers, discounts, managers choice etc etc I could go on. is designed to make shopping for plus sizes easy for you, by bringing the plus size trends, looks and offers together into one place.

Lets face it, who has the time these days to trawl up and down the high street or spend hours surfing online. Its so much easier just going to one place - that's why shopping centres work.. but what shopping centres don't do, is tailor only for plus sizes. At Plus Size shopping we've done the walking up and down the high street and digging around to the back of the store, to edit out for you only plus sizes. Making your shopping trip quick, straightforward and enjoyable.

We constantly sift through the fashion press to keep an eye on what's hot and not! And on the retailers to see how they are interpreting those trends.

Its about fashion and good value.

We like to feel as though we have got a good deal - that might mean cheap as chips for one person, or great quality at a reasonable price for another - or if you are like me can be both depending on what I'm shopping for! Finding a broad range of retailers who a great mix of plus size fashions, from offer top quality to fabulous bargains and everything in between

What does do? We provide an online resource helping you to find plus size fashions in the UK. We do this by:
  • Listing featured retailers
  • Giving you our opinion on the trends and fashions
  • Rating retailers and their sites…and inviting you to rate them too

We feature plus size fashions for women, plus size for men and plus size for teens, wider fitting shoes sizes and gorgeous plus size lingerie and corsetry, as well as complimentary products to finish off your look - make up, hair ideas and accessories

Because there is such a great selection of retailers featured, you can find established and trusted branded goods - slimma, playtex, berketex, magic knickers, triumph and many more all featured in plus sizes and wider fits.

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